Alive Bible 1

You’ll experience the Bible as never before. The Bible – or the Scriptures, as some people call God’s Word – is where we find amazing direction from the God of the universe. He loves us and wants us to be in His kingdom; a ‘Forever Friend’ of Jesus, His Son who died for us.

You’ll learn how to improve your memorising skills.  You’ll use a fun way to ‘warm up’ your brain before learning, by heart, an adventure story from Scripture; either God Ruins the Bullies’ Evil Trick  or The ‘Ghost’ on the Water.   Of course, you’ll need to share what you’ve learned.

It’s a great start to learning God’s Word, having it in your heart and becoming an ‘Alive Bible’ – God’s live, on-the-spot agent.  His Word in your heart helps you to meet life’s challenges as you begin to grasp the secret of Jesus’ power.  WOW!

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